Our Products:

We are a developmental company focused on improving on conventional processes in the areas of electronics and graphic art design for the "DIY" community.

Make real dry-transfer, rub-down images with the same quality as commercially made transfers at a fraction of the cost and there's no waiting! The ultimate DIY capability for your projects and prototypes.


The only 8 minute PCB fabrication system for making quality, high-resolution Single & Double-sided PCB's with trace pitch down to .005" using basically any B&W laser printer or photo-copier.

• No Negatives, Developing Chemicals or Darkroom

• Single & Double-sided Boards

• Rigid .032" and Flex .005"

• Traces down to .005"


Colorize any laser or copier printed page with unique metallic, pigment and special effect foils.

  • Website loaded with tricks that no one else has the experience to tell you about
  • Overlay mutiple foil shades for amazing composite effects
  • Full Tech Support by phone and email.
  • We carry the ideal laminator used for transferring foils on the most difficult textured papers, far exceeding the big name units you find in arts 'n crafts stores for about the same cost.


"ETCHING METAL" (Chemical Milling)

Using the "Direct Etch" method (basically the same process as making printed circuit boards) you can etch to any depth to create your relief or etch all the way through to create shapes in brass or copper.